General Information

Most of the detailed information related with the competition, rules, Portuguese Laws, payment and other related information are in this page.

Competition Location

The competition will be held inside the Jamor National Sports Center area.



For more information about the Jamor area (click here).

Entrance of the Jamor Shooting Range

Arriving to the International Lisbon Airport

If you are planning to travel by plane you'll probably arrive at the International Lisbon Airport. If that is the case, you will be picking up your luggage (cloths, etc...) from the normal belts and if everything goes as it should be (we have never had any problems) your rifles will be waiting with the local Police.

Go to the "Goods to Declare" just before leaving the airport and ask the Police if your rifles are already in their possession.

Typically the rifles cases take longer to arrive than your luggage so it's quite common to wait for 15 mins for the rifles.

While you are waiting for your rifles near the police, if you have someone with you, make sure someone will check near BELT 13 for your rifle cases (Out of format luggage belt). It's been reported once in the past that the airport services send the rifles to that Belt. They shouldn't do this but just in case check.

Once the rifles arrive, the police will request your identification and the rifle documentation.

If you need any additional information do not hesitate to contact us.




Living costs in Portugal


The expected usual price for a meal will be between 10-15€ but it's possible to do it a bit cheaper. The Lisbon city has several shopping malls open from 10 A.M. till 24.00 P.M. There you can easily buy a meal between 5€-10€ (person) having different food options.

If you decide to go to restaurants near touristy places the expected meal price will be between 15-20€ (person). As an example going to the "Hard Rock Cafe in Lisbon" will cost you around 20€/person.

A Mac Donald's BIG Mac will cost you around 6€. A coffee 1€. A beer between 0,80€ to 1,5€ (depends on the places).



The Lisbon city have several options to provide but a good value for the money hotel will be in a price range between 50€-70€ for 2 people including breakfast.

In order to provide you the best and easiest inscription experience ever and at the same time a good value for the money, while making your inscription the WRC2016 Team will also be accepting hotel reservations on your behalf. This type of request will be only available for selected hotels and till the 20th January 2016. After this date (20th January) the hotel reservations must be made by contacting the hotels directly.

For more information go to "Accommodations" page

TAXI fairs

The basic tariff (just to sit inside the Taxi) is 3,25€ (prices 2015).
For each kilometre you will be paying 0,55€ (Prices 2015).
The distance between the International Lisbon Airport and the Shooting range is around 18 kms. So total Taxi fair should be around 18€ + luggage transportation.
You may estimate what you are going to pay using the TAXI simulator (click here)



Keep your rifle safe while visiting the Country

The Portuguese Shooting Federation has a Safe Vault with an alarm system and 24h/day security to keep your rifle well guarded (max.40 rifle cases).
Ask for quotation.



Forms of Payment

Your inscription payment can be by:

- Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer)
- Paypal



Important: Before making a payment a personal CODE will be provided by the organization. This code must be in the description payment so we can identify who is paying.

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